machiga-yado.15-minute drive from Memanbetsu Airport.

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Special Edition


Rent an entire Eco House as a hub,
and travel around the Okhotsk area
by a rented RV

Girls’ Trip / Recommended 3-day Itinerary

Tips from active girls!
Meet Mother Nature in Bihoro

Rent an RV, drive through the magnificent landscape and fully enjoy the great nature!

View the beautiful scenery, have fun experiences and eat delicious food – be more active and ambitious than usual♪

Day 2

Fully experience magnificent nature and enjoy an overnight sleep in an RV!


Leave “Eco House”

8:15 Arrival

Off to “Bihoro Pass”
Bihoro Pass is known for its unmatched view, and welcomes visitors from all over Japan. Look down at Lake Kussharo from the Pass! The panoramic view also includes a breathtaking sea of clouds♪ The scale of nature is just really large. We highly recommend that you get up early to appreciate this! Visit “Michi no Eki Gurutto Panorama Bihoro Pass” and enjoy their famous “Ageimo” (deep-fried potato dough)! Details

9:15 Departure, 10:00 Arrival

Visit “Mt. Io”
“Mt. Io” is a small mountain that emits smoke with roaring sounds. This is a highly recommended spot with an excellent view! The surrounding area is filled with the smell of sulfur and makes you feel the energy of the earth. At the foot of this mountain is Kawayu Hot Springs, where you can take a break in a foot bath with the hot water pulled directly from the source. This is really relaxing with a panoramic scenery!

11:00 Departure, 12:40 Arrival

Off to “Koshimizu Town”
Have lunch at an authentic café in Koshimizu Town, “Tezukuri café Suiba”! Their specialty is Asian dishes and they pride themselves on making everything in-house, even their condiments.


Koshimizu Town is also famous for a variety of wild birds. Why not take part in their bird watching tour!
With the trained guides’ help, take this opportunity to observe many kinds of wild birds! Over 300 kinds of birds spend some time in this town. If you are lucky, you may come across some birds that can only be seen in Hokkaido! A wide variety of birds are here whichever season you visit in.

15:00 Departure, 16:00 Arrival

Take a break at a café in Bihoro, “café and zakka Harunire”
After these fun activities, take a rest with a cup of hot lemonade and a dessert (check out their limited-time offer for the season)♪ Take this chance to look around the shop as well, as they also sell really cute goods here. Another shopping opportunity for you!Details


Check-in at “CAR STAY PARK” in the parking lot of “LIFE IN BIHORO”


Bath & massage at “LIFE IN BIHORO”
This is the only hot spring facility in Bihoro which extracts fresh hot water directly from the source. After being refreshed in the hot spring, get a massage at “Chiropractic mano” within the same premises and get rid of the day’s fatigue! There is a yoga studio, skate park and café in this facility. You can find your own ways of enjoying this place!Details


Supper at “Izakaya Kagaya”
Enjoy the long-awaited fresh seafood, caught in Hokkaido. If you or your friends like sake, this Izakaya has rare kinds in stock! The spacious restaurant is always filled with a lot of local people! The kind master is great at making fun conversations and is really knowledgeable about the information on Bihoro♪Details


「CAR STAY PARK」 First-time overnight RV stay at “CAR STAY PARK”
An RV is spacious, clean and well-equipped, and is actually a comfortable way to spend a night in on a two-girl’s trip! The starry sky at night is really refreshing and soothing.Details