machiga-yado.15-minute drive from Memanbetsu Airport.

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Special Edition


Rent an entire Eco House as a hub,
and travel around the Okhotsk area
by a rented RV

Girls’ Trip / Recommended 3-day Itinerary

Tips from active girls!
Meet Mother Nature in Bihoro

Rent an RV, drive through the magnificent landscape and fully enjoy the great nature!

View the beautiful scenery, have fun experiences and eat delicious food – be more active and ambitious than usual♪

Day 1

Visit the trendy spots in town!

13:00 Arrival

Arrival at Mamanbetsu Airport from Haneda Airport


Rent an RV at “Free Port”
Pick up a reserved RV at an RV rental shop, located 10 minutes away from the airport! In this itinerary, you’ll stay in a hotel for a night and in an RV for the other night to experience nature♪Details


Have lunch at “Nakajima Coffee Bihoro”
Enjoy late lunch at this stylish café, which is a vintage renovated building. This spacious café is a great place for a relaxing meal! You can also take a break here and choose something sweet from their wide range of options♪♪Details


Shopping at “mono Morion”
Just a stone’s throw away from Nakajima Coffee is this trendy store. Check out a variety of goods from inside and outside of Japan!! Their items are also great for gifts. How about getting one-of-a-kind souvenirs for your stylish friends?Details


Take a break at “Kita no Coffee Kobo Tokeidai”
Their coffee is freshly roasted in-house. Not only do they have a lot of options for their beans and blends, but also their different brewing methods are really fascinating. If you are a coffee lover, you can’t miss this place! Their jaw-dropping “Tokeidai Parfait” is the signature item at this café, and the massive soft serve ice cream in a large bowl is truly stunning. You will also be happily surprised by the reasonable price for its giant size.Details


Check-in at “Eco House”
This stylish and spacious facility is teemed with the warmth of wood. Enjoy the beautiful landscape of Bihoro from the windows. It features a spacious living room and complete kitchen to cook your own meals♪Details


Shopping for supper at “Butcher Tamura”
Get ingredients for a BBQ supper at this supermarket, which is operated by a nationally famous butcher, “Niku no Tamura.” Apart from fresh meat, you can also buy fish, vegetables and liquor here! They have plenty of ready-to-eat side dishes; in particular, their ground meat cutlets are full of meaty flavor and are really popular!Details


BBQ at “Eco House”
Their full-fledged BBQ space is the perfect place to experience the best of Hokkaido – with delicious meat, fresh seafood and vast nature♪ As it gets dark outside, you will be able to see the star-filled night sky. No matter which season you come here in, beautiful nature is always here to complete your stay.Details